Self-Published Author Guidelines

Congratulations on your new book! As a service to our local self-published authors, at times Pages Bookshop offers a consignment sales program.

Pages Bookshop is not be accepting any new consignment books at this time. Please understand that we are a very small store with limited space and personnel. While we would love to bring in every book, at this time we don't have to resources to support you like we normally would.

Pages Bookshop will only accept self-published books from local (Metro Detroit) authors.

Pages Bookshop does not review books nor do we provide marketing services for your book

Pages Bookshop defines “self-published” as any author who has paid (or otherwise arranged) to have their work printed, either personally or through a professional self-publishing service such as Createspace, Xlibris, Lulu or Infinity Publishing. Authors who start their own publishing companies to publish their own writing are considered self-published. Books published by small presses that don't distribute their books through Ingram with normal bookseller terms (40%discount and returnable) are also considered self-published. 

Before contacting us regarding your book, please read the following Dos and Dont's, Guidelines and Procedures and carefully. 

Marketing Your Self-Published Book to Your Local Bookstore: Dos & Don'ts
by Bear Pond Books and The Galaxy Bookshop


  • Research pricing expectations for your market prior to publication.Approach stores that carry books on your topic and skip those that don’t.

  • Emphasize the local angle in all your marketing whether it be the author or the topic.

  • Let local media outlets know about your book via press releases, review copies and other promotional materials.

  • Contact local book groups, libraries and other community organizations who may be interested in reading your book.

  • Use social media to promote your book to your network.

  • Let people know where your book is available in all your marketing and on your website;  Provide a link to your local independent bookstore if they are carrying it.

  • Support your local bookstore by shopping at independent bookstores. If you already have a relationship with the booksellers, they will be more receptive to your sales pitch.

  • Accept an offer to carry your book on consignment. This is common practice and not a reflection on your book.

  • Resource: Kirkus Marketing Guide. Free download.


  • Send your local bookstore to for information on your book. We don't reply to emails that do this.

  • Expect an independent bookstore to carry an Amazon-published title. We don't.

  • Tell your friends to buy the book on Amazon if your local retailer is carrying it.

  • Expect the bookstore to do the marketing for you. Your job is only beginning when you get the book on the shelf.

  • Expect your book to receive extra display space which includes displaying posters or other promotional items.

  • Wait until the last minute to ask for an author event. Sometimes bookstore events are scheduled 3-6 months ahead of time.

  • Take a bookstore’s refusal to carry your book or host an event personally. Buyers take many factors into consideration when deciding whether or not to carry books, whether the book is self-published or from a traditional publisher. Resources are limited for author events and most small bookstores can’t accommodate all the requests they get.


Pages will only consider books that meet the following professional standards:

  1. The book must be professionally bound and finished. Books that are spiral bound, stapled or contain loose pages will not be considered. The title must appear on the spine and artwork should not be visibly pixelated.

  2. The book must be professionally edited with no obvious errors. Be prepared with the name of your editor.

  3. The author must be a current resident of the Detroit Metro area.

  4. We don't carry every genre in our store. Your books must be in one of the genres we carry. We do not currently carry: Romance, Urban Fiction, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, and Christian Fiction.

  5. An ISBN must be assigned to the book and printed on the back cover. 

  6. The book must be priced comparably to other titles of its size and genre.

  7. The book must be distributed by Ingram offer a full 40% discount and be returnable.

  8. The book may not contain any racist, sexist, homophobic, or overtly dogmatic content. 

  9. We don't accept authors who refer readers to competitor bookstores and online retailers on the acknowledgment page, or anywhere else within the bound pages of the book. This includes bookmarks.

  10. Consignment authors must visit our store to get a sense of the character of the bookstore and the type of books we do and do not carry. Not every book fits into our selection nor does your book fit in all bookstore

Please understand that books that do not meet all the guidelines above will not be considered.


  1. Email and provide details of your book. Include information about you, title and genre, price, and why you think that your book will sell at Pages. Not all books sell in our store, regardless of who publishes them.

  2. We get a lot of requests to consider books. We will get back to you as soon as we can, but you will experience a delay in our response.  

  3. If your book is accepted for consignment sale, we will contact you by email to confirm our consignment terms. Authors must agree to the following three terms:

1.  Authors must list Pages Bookshop as a retail location prominently on their website and marketing materials; the more you encourage your readers to come into our store, the more your book will sell here! The initial consignment period is three months.

2. If your book sells at least one copy during that period, Pages Bookshop may choose to extend that period for an additional three month period until all copies have sold. Once all copies have sold, Pages Bookshop will contact you regarding restock and issue you a check for 60% of the retail cost of each book.

3. If your book fails to sell during its first or any subsequent consignment period--or if Pages Bookshop wishes to return your books for any other reason-Pages Bookshop will contact you to issue you a check for any sold copies and return your unsold books. Authors are responsible for all return shipping costs and Pages Bookshop is not responsible for any loss or damages incurred in the returns process. If you fail to make arrangements for pick-up or return of your books in four weeks, they will be donated. 

Finally, please note while your book is in our bookshop, we don't review books nor do we provide marketing services for your book. If you are interested in holding an event at our bookshop please review the "For Self-Published" Authors section on our Event Request page.