Meet the Team

Susan Murphy

Owner and Chief Curator

Susan was born and raised in metro Detroit. She earned a BS in Computer Science from Oakland University, a MBA from Northwestern and a MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science) from Wayne State University. Susan chose to open Pages Bookshop in Detroit’s historic Grandmont Rosedale primarily to reach out children of all ages and help encourage them to read. Research has demonstrated that children who learn to enjoy reading become better writers and communicators. She loves talking with customers, learning what books they’re reading and offering suggestions. Once she knows her regular customers, Susan takes the time to order books she believes they’ll like for their review. In her spare time, Susan enjoys reading, exploring different neighborhoods in Detroit and traveling, both domestically and internationally.

Leighton Stein

Real World Curator

Leighton was born and raised in California, and his family moved to Detroit when he was 13. Leighton attended Cass Tech, and then attended Hampton University. After coming back home to Grandmont Rosedale, he worked as an after school teacher with an emphasis on science related curriculum. Leighton first met Pages Bookshop and Susan when it was a pop-up at Always Brewing Detroit, a coffee shop/community space nearby where Pages is located now. He was especially drawn to Susan beliefs about reading and discovery. He loves interacting with people, listening to their stories, and sharing experiences. An avid reader, (like everyone at Pages), Leighton is a committed history buff, along with reading nonfiction books in his spare time. 

Abby Rubin

Pop Culture Curator

Hailing from Cleveland, Abby has happily been a Detroiter for the past three years. She earned her BA in organizational studies at the University of Michigan and is currently studying for her MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science) from Wayne State University. Abby admires Susan and their working relationship. As Abby says, “Susan encourages me to try new things and trusts my judgment.” In her spare time, Abby is an avid reader, particularly of anything from the DC universe. She also makes friendship bracelets for her Etsy store Strings The Thing. Here’s what Abby wants you to know about Pages: “We will do our best to find the book you’re looking for, and if we can’t, we’ll find one that’s as good or better.”


Feline in Residence

In the long-standing tradition of bookshop cats, Pip is a distinguished member. Over her three years, Pip – originally a rescue kitten – has lived with Susan, her daughter, and even Leighton for a while. About one year ago, she moved into the store. A naturally pretty, friendly and curious cat, Pip is an ideal addition to events and she loves meeting new people. She’s so good at it that an attendee recently told Susan, “I don’t even like cats, but I think I like Pip!”