Michigan Authors at Pages: David Hornibrook & Lisa Lenzo -- CANCELED


We sincerely apologize for the last minute cancellation. We just became aware that one of the authors has come down with something and we thought it best to reschedule this event once they are back in full health. Again we sorry for inconveniences this cancelation causes.

We are thrilled to have Wayne State University Press's Made in Michigan Writers, David Hornibrook and Lisa Lenzo at Pages for their new books, "Night Manual" and "Unblinking" respectively. 

This event is free and open to the public so we hope you will join us. David and Lisa's books will be for sale before and after this event. 

About Night Manual and Unblinking: 

Night Manual is a survival guide for life-all the messy, wonderful, grieving, and self-doubting parts of life. David Hornibrook's debut poetry collection is a book of hours that keeps time through anguish and explores the ineffable borderland of existence. These are poems that seek to get at what cannot be described through a process of negation-to delineate the shape of an absence by writing the things around it.

Night Manual is divided into four sections loosely inspired by the four seasons. Each section explores the theme of absence from a slightly different proximity; as a whole, the book progresses from grief to gratitude. A major task of Hornibrook's is to communicate the gravity and perplexity of loss while at the same time charting out a kind of liturgy of joy and wonder at the cycle of life in an ever-changing world. With lines like "My eyes are pulled to the monitor / where a universe expands or contracts, I can't tell which" (from "The Ultrasound") to "Facebook keeps showing Miley with her mouth open / & I keep finding little things wrong with everything" (from "Self Portrait w/ Wrecking Ball"), Hornibrook has created instructions for moving through a world suddenly disoriented by loss, a world with starlings, water birds and aliens, robots and deer, Miley Cyrus and God, black holes, and the quiet morning strangeness of a house when all the people you love are still asleep.

Fans of contemporary poetry who want to believe in something again-who need a small dose of absurdity along with their suffering-this collection is for you.

Unblinking is a short story collection for any lover of contemporary fiction looking for that strong pulse of feeling.

All ten stories in Unblinking take place in or circle back to Detroit and portray both the beauty and grit of the city and its inhabitants. In "Up in the Air," a blues musician cherishes his memory of falling from a tree - "the utter sweetness of falling, of floating, almost still" - even though his downward plunge has left him seriously disabled. The narrator of "In the White Man's House," recalls a high school basketball game, torn by racial division, and the distress of his teenaged friend who strove to be "blacker." In "Losing It," a disgruntled angel tries to help a nurse control his outbursts of comic and fruitless anger. And in "Marching," an old white man, who now has great difficulty walking, remembers marching fifty miles with Martin Luther King Jr. Despite the hardships they experience, the characters in the collection find pleasure and solace in what this lovely planet has to offer. By turns playful and grave, told with humor and candor, these down-to-earth and heavenly stories will both surprise with fresh insight and remind the reader of what they already know.

DAVID HORNIBROOK grew up in the suburbs of Detroit where he worked for many years as a caregiver and non-profit administrator. His poems have won multiple awards, including a Pushcart Prize. Hornibrook holds an MFA from the Helen Zell Writer’s Program at the University of Michigan.

LISA LENZO is the author of Within the Lighted City, chosen by Ann Beattie for the 1997 John Simmons Short Fiction Award, and 2015 Michigan Notable Book Award winner Strange Love (Wayne State University Press). Lenzo’s other awards include a PEN Syndicated Fiction Award, a Hemingway Days Festival Award, and First Prize for Fiction in the 2017 Literature and Medicine Writing Contest. Her stories and essays have appeared in Arts & Letters, Michigan Quarterly Review, Sacred Ground: Stories about Home, Fresh Water: Women Writing on the Great Lakes, and on NPR.

Event date: 
Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Event address: 
19560 Grand River Ave.
Detroit, MI 48223
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