Author Visit: Benjamin Shalva with Ambition Addiction

Nationally Renowned Spiritual Author and Teacher
Benjamin Shalva Launches New Book on Ambition Addiction

Ambition Addiction: How to Go Slow, Give Thanks, and ­­Discover Joy Within: For many,­­ accomplishment is never enough. In a culture obsessed with fame ­­and celebrity, the burning desire for acclaim, conquest, and ­­domination can be overwhelming—to the detriment of one’s ­­personal life. This is ambition addiction: the all-encompassing ­­yearning for success at any cost.­­ Self-described ambition addict Benjamin Shalva has written an ­­insightful and illuminating book for anyone who wants to control ­­that destructive strain of ambition and live with integrity. He­­ identifies the signs and symptoms of ambition addiction and ­­profiles iconic achievers to help readers identify unhealthy motivations. Then he reveals the five steps to living a fulfilling ­­life of healthy, productive ambition in which grand but elusive ­­fantasies give way to the true happiness of the here and now.­­

BENJAMIN SHALVA is the author of Spiritual Cross-Training and has been published in the­­ Washington Post, Elephant Journal, and Spirituality & Health magazine. A rabbi, writer,­­ meditation teacher, and yoga instructor, Shalva leads spiritual seminars and workshops around the ­­world


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ISBN: 9781503938632
Published: Grand Harbor Press - November 15th, 2016