COVID Update We're Open!

A Note from Susan:

I am so excited to welcome everyone back into the store without an appointment! Pages Bookshop would not be open today without the continued support of customers new and old. The store hours will remain the same as our adjusted COVID hours with the exception of Saturday: Tuesday through Friday from noon – 5pm and Saturday from noon – 5pm. The reduced hours allow us time to process online orders and attend to in-store customers. Masks and hand sanitizer are required to shop in the store. If you are uncomfortable shopping during open hours, appointments are still available before and after the normal hours. You can make an appointment on our website.

It's been quite a year. Pages has been closed for browsing since March, 2020. Online orders have increased almost 500% replacing (and exceeding) in-store sales, and this transition to online sales wasn’t easy or smooth. I’m happy to report that the processing of online orders has improved dramatically! This improvement finally allows Pages to operate with both online and in-store sales.

The publishing industry, while not completely recovered, is operating efficiently. Printers in the industry took the hardest hit; there are only two major printers remaining. This has caused major delays in reprinting books once they are out of stock and publishers are forced to set priorities, usually based on sales. Last year, I simply could not get all the books I needed to fill your orders. 

My wonderful team of booksellers remained healthy, kept the store running and kept my spirits up. Owning a bookstore is difficult in good times and adding the problems of the last year was a challenge that I wasn’t sure I could survive. My favorite part of owning the store is talking to customers, so it was a very lonely year. I’m proud that Pages Bookshop made it through and I’m looking forward to the future!

A heartfelt thank you to every customer who shared kind words, ordered books, bought gift certificates, donated money, and had the patience to stick with us. I’ll see you soon!

P.S. Thank goodness for Pip, my steady companion.