Brilliant Books: Natalie Jane's Book Club

The Natalie Jane’s Book Club (NJBC) is sponsoring this fundraising initiative in support of Brilliant Detroit. Purchases made from this wish list will be delivered directly to Brilliant Detroit. Scroll down to the bottom for a link to start shopping.

Through extensive research and the discovery of a Detroit organization with which we are eager to partner, Natalie Jane's Book Club (NJBC) was formed. Following the loss of our daughter in 2020, 5000 children’s books have been donated to pay tribute to her incredibly special ability to touch a child’s life with her gentle nature, her ability to mentor, and her beautiful relationship with the written word. In a 6th grade writing assignment, Natalie wrote, “I figured out my dream job when I was reading a great book. I would like to write books so that other kids can discover their dreams for their futures, too.” She was a poet and a writer of stories and songs. Natalie was in college nearing the completion of her K-8 education degree in 2020.

Our goal is to create a simple and informal way to identify organizations that include the mission to better children’s reading and academic experiences. We then connect them with people, groups, foundations, and other charitable efforts that are searching for a way to help. People like you.

Since 2015, Brilliant Detroit has been bridging the access gap by providing a new approach to kindergarten readiness. The organization combines people and places by providing the support and services that families need right in the middle of the neighborhood in which they live. An emphasis is placed on literacy, tutoring, nutrition, and exercise for children ages 0-8 aimed at providing each child with what they need to be school-ready, healthy and stable; book clubs are an important part of the overall program. Participants are provided with 5-6 books each year that they may take home as their own.

We have created a Brilliant Detroit - Natalie Jane's Book Club Fundraiser wish list for this initiative. Thank you for supporting this initiative!