Position Description: Part-time Bookseller

Store Mission Statement: To be a strong supporter of and meaningful participant in the creative and intellectual community within and beyond Detroit. To make a positive difference in the lives of customers and co-workers and always continuing to learn--with joy--even and especially when it is hard and challenging. To support all partners, including publishers, authors, community organizations, and individuals who share our passion for books, knowledge, arts, and conversation. To know that there are always important, specific tasks to perform toward improving our business, and to work, play and read hard every single day.

A bookseller position with Pages Bookshop requires:

  • available to work Monday - Friday (Time flexible)
  • a strong and demonstrated knowledge of books across a broad range of reading levels and genres; a commitment to read new (and not-yet released) titles on a weekly basis.
  • strong oral and written communication skills.
  • a high standard of work ethic defined by: practicing punctuality, maximizing on-shift accomplishment of tasks, self-initiated problem solving and honest communication.
  • a sincere, expressed desire to be a part of a passionate, driven, creative, visionary, and detail-oriented team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Warmly and confidently greeting and responding to all customer inquiries.
  • Reading new titles on a regular basis and offering brief, well-written and spoken reviews.
  • Swift and competent cashiering and management of computer-based tasks.
  • Reconciling the day's sales.
  • Maintaining explicit and vigilant standards of store cleanliness and organization.
  • Being physically able and willing to shift shelves and lift/organize boxes for transport.
  • Performing all tasks related to opening and closing of the store.
  • Assisting, when necessary, with inventory data management.

In addition to these required tasks, Pages Bookshop evaluates booksellers based on their personal initiative to:

  • Be a meaningful part of store’s commitment to: curate high quality inventory, initiate keen marketing initiatives, host high-interest events, and identify and build community partnerships.

Interested Candidates, please submit to

  • Email message describing, in as much detail as possible, their specific interest in working with Pages Bookshop, including abilities/interest directly related to the requirements listed in the position
  • A written recommendation of a book recently read and enjoyed
  • Schedule of availability
  • A resume/ work history summary