Young and Fair (Paperback)

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Lissa Powell has always wondered who she really was. Discovered by her foster parents when she was about four during the Chicago fire of 1871, the story begins when she is sixteen years old and forced to go out on her own when her foster mother dies. She stays at a boarding house where she meets Effie Cunningham who helps her to find a job at Harrison Colby's, a large department store. There she meets Greg Colby, the handsome son and heir of the store owner. When Lissa finds out who she really is will her feelings change for this or any other young man in her life?

About the Author

Rosamond du Jardin was one of the most popular authors of girls series fiction in the 1950s. Her Tobey Heydon and Pam and Penny Howard books are among the most beloved teen romance novels of their era. Rosamond du Jardin first wrote humorous verse and short stories for multiple periodicals throughout the 1940s. She also wrote five novels for adults before her first novel for teenagers, Practically Seventeen, which was published in 1949.

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ISBN: 9781930009790
ISBN-10: 1930009798
Publisher: Image Cascade Publishing
Publication Date: March 25th, 2008
Pages: 192
Language: English