Teach to learn, learn to teach (Paperback)

Teach to learn, learn to teach By Berwick Coates Cover Image
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There is much to be learned about teaching. But it is learnable.No beginner should be daunted by long words, psychology, jargon, or fashionable philosophies. Proficiency in it is not a Druid-like mystique which takes decades to master; it is not a rarefied skill accessible only to a gifted few. It can be done. So long as one holds on tight to gumption, common decency, and native wit. That does not mean that it is easy. It isn t. And there's always something else to learn. Keep eyes and ears open; you can pick up tips anywhere. Like here, for instance.

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ISBN: 9781782229506
ISBN-10: 1782229507
Publisher: Paragon Publishing
Publication Date: December 9th, 2022
Pages: 214
Language: English