Work Smart Do More: The Ceo's Guide for Optimizing Time, Talent, and Tech to Create a Winning Culture (Paperback)

Work Smart Do More: The Ceo's Guide for Optimizing Time, Talent, and Tech to Create a Winning Culture By Jan Lehman Cover Image
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In this CEO excellence book, productivity expert Jan Lehman teaches upper-level leaders to make the most of available time, talent, and technology--not just for better results, but for a better life.

"Productivity gains improve workplace culture and employee satisfaction--and Jan Lehman has the track record to prove it."

--Marie Devlin, former SVP of global advertising and brand management at American Express

You might wish you had found this book sooner, but that will be the last time you're hoping for your time back.

Work Smart Do More is the time management book for CEOs and leaders looking for proven, successful ways to increase productivity and create a winning culture.

With a unique blend of behavioral strategy and technology solutions, this look at business culture for leaders shows that working hard doesn't have to be hard--and the tools to make a difference are straightforward and within reach.

Jan Lehman is a globally recognized productivity expert whose work has been featured in Forbes, Business Journal, and Entrepreneur. As an executive coach and founder of CTC (Create the Culture) Productivity, Jan Lehman has spent decades giving leaders their lives back while transforming workplaces from the top down.

Inside this book, discover how to go from "busy" to productive with:

  • management skills for effective delegation and employee engagement,
  • technology for successful hybrid work environments,
  • time management and productivity tactics that are immediately applicable, and
  • strategies to eliminate waste and lead organizational change.

Perfect for fans of Radical Candor and The Business Playbook, Lehman's proven practices empower C-suite executives to create a company culture of productivity that impacts teams, improves workplaces, and increases revenue.

Stop the highly reactionary environment that has become the norm and get to the root cause of your productivity issues. If you're a heart-centered leader looking for the next level, Work Smart Do More is the team-transforming guide you've been looking for.

"An absolute force multiplier for those of us who crave the sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving all we can."

--John Philbin, managing partner at Spectacular at Work

"As a founder and visionary, I'm excited to start implementing these methodologies into my workflows--and reclaim the hours to live my best life and inspire others to do the same."

--Daniel Moshe, certified EOS Implementer(R) and CEO of Tech Guru

Product Details
ISBN: 9781634895859
ISBN-10: 1634895851
Publisher: Wise Ink
Publication Date: February 7th, 2023
Pages: 192
Language: English